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Step into the world of men's shoes at Plaza Shoe Store. We've curated a killer collection that'll have you drooling! From comfy sandals for that perfect lake day to sleek dress shoes that command attention, we've got your shoe game covered. Quality and comfort? They're non-negotiables for us.
Our shoes are all about that premium feel and lasting durability. So, dive into our selection, find your perfect match, and rock your style with confidence. Get ready to level up your shoe swag and slay the fashion game. It's time to step up and step out in style.

Shop the best in men's shoes at Plaza Shoe Store.

Plaza Shoe Store - Family owned for over 70 years

Fitting the 417 area for over 70 years, we have always lived by the motto “shoes matter”.
We truly believe that what you put on your feet makes all the difference.

For over 70 years we have carefully sought out shoe brands that stand for unparalleled comfort and quality. Based in Springfield, Missouri and one of the last sit-and-fit shoe stores in America, we pride ourselves on properly fitting footwear and an extensive knowledge of all major shoe brands. We know you appreciate quality products and precision fitting, that is why we have built our business on exceptional customer service, a wide selection of sizes and widths, and a focus on superior comfort and craftsmanship.