Naot: Next-level Comfort

Naot is dedicated to making people feel comfortable and creating a better world. Since its humble beginnings in a small workshop on Kibbutz Naot Mordechai in 1942, this Israeli brand has grown into a global phenomenon. The vision that comfort enhances beauty has transformed Naot into more than just a footwear brand—it's a lifestyle.

Known as "shoes of peace," Naot shoes are the result of collaborative craftsmanship. Skilled artisans from diverse cultures and backgrounds come together to create ethically made footwear using sustainable practices and the finest materials. The combination of exquisite Italian leathers, signature insoles, and innovative designs results in unparalleled quality, fashion, and comfort.

Central to Naot's design philosophy are their uniquely engineered insoles. Crafted from natural cork and latex and lined with supple suede, these insoles offer flexible support and shock absorption. They are meticulously designed to mimic the contours of the foot, providing a customized fit akin to leaving a footprint in the sand. Treat your hardworking feet to the oasis of comfort that only Naot can offer.

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