On Running

On Running: Igniting the Human Spirit through Movement

On Running believes in the transformative power of movement and the flow state that it unlocks. Born in the Swiss Alps, their journey started with a commitment to continual innovation in the On Lab. Sustainability is at the forefront, with a focus on alternative materials, circular systems, and sustainable production. Guided by the Athlete Spirit, their goal is to create high-performance products with a minimal footprint. From elite athletes to beginners, their diverse community inspires their work. With a dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, On is driving positive change in the running world. This is just the beginning of their incredible journey.

About On Running CloudTec® technology

Experience effortless steps with the revolutionary CloudTec® technology, designed for soft landings and powerful take-offs. Engineered in Switzerland, this unique cushioning system delivers unparalleled comfort, support, and efficiency for runners worldwide. With CloudTec®, each shoe is tailored to your movements, dynamically adapting to provide targeted cushioning. Not only does it absorb impact and propel you forward, but it also minimizes the risk of injuries, allowing you to run faster and pain-free. Unleash your running potential and feel the sensation of running on clouds.

On Running Waterproof Collection