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Avi founded Antelope in Tel Aviv in 1981. He began working in his parents’ shoe store at the age of 21 and after learning all the skills of the trade, he decided to build his own factory with his own designs. Nearly 40 years later Antelope is carried in numerous small high-end boutiques and large retailers across the US.

Antelope produces two collections per year, both overflowing with creativity and variety while concentrating on the customers’ needs. Our top priority has always been our careful selection of raw materials in order to provide high quality shoe. Every pair receives a great deal of attention, from the design process to the production process, which means we have high standards. If you pair all these elements: fashion, quality, comfort, innovation, and a fair price; you have got what Antelope is all about.

The Idea

It all starts with an idea. Designing a shoe has many elements which are considered, from the sole shape of a foot to the simplicity of taking a shoe on and off. Each stitch and enforcement is carefully thought out to ensure correct placement on your foot. We really put thought into the comfort of our shoe and brand so you can rest assured our shoes can be worn all day. In fact, Antelope was built with the idea that every small detail would receive the attention it deserves, creating a huge difference in every shoe.

The Process

Antelope puts emphasis on every single detail, from the raw materials to the stitching on each shoe. The leather used to create each shoe is chosen carefully and treated individually, by thoughtfully brushing or oiling to give them character. We carry a diverse color range that allows every woman to find her favorite hue, whether it be natural or bold. Our woven straps, stitches of thick linen, and unconventional cuts are all handmade so you can rest easy that the pair you have on will always be unique. Season after season, Antelope’s in-house designers achieve new and unique designs by touring the world searching for inspiration and fashion trends.

Plaza Shoe Store - Family owned for over 70 years

Fitting the 417 area for over 70 years, we have always lived by the motto “shoes matter”.
We truly believe that what you put on your feet makes all the difference.

For over 70 years we have carefully sought out shoe brands that stand for unparalleled comfort and quality. Based in Springfield, Missouri and one of the last sit-and-fit shoe stores in America, we pride ourselves on properly fitting footwear and an extensive knowledge of all major shoe brands. We know you appreciate quality products and precision fitting, that is why we have built our business on exceptional customer service, a wide selection of sizes and widths, and a focus on superior comfort and craftsmanship.